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Testimonials are incredibly effective when believed to be true!

Below some from those who have lived the Chefox Experience with us.



In my forties … I will be more fit .. more young ..more alive than I used to be in my thirties”!

Such a promise  that I made to “myself”  was impossible to be made if I did not meet Nada Taalab the great young woman behind chefox.

I came to know chefox through an article in a magazine, the article and chefox came just on time… I was telling myself after trying almost all diets (Dukan, Atkins, GM,SGF….etc.) and reading  like ten books and one hundred articles about eating healthy and losing weight, I thought if only there is a place where I can be locked with no other option that eating healthy and practicing sports.  I was thinking to travel  to join one of the wellness, weight loss camps abroad. I was thinking of the hassle of issuing the visa, booking the flight, saving the $$$ , and all the culture barriers….etc.

Nada Taalab created this dream here in Egypt with chefox, and with super quality, efficiency and professionalism.

My experience at the camp:

I don’t really remember if I have ever taken a decision to put myself on the top of the list and give “me” the priority over everything else.  And it was such a rewarding experience that my family has realized it’s positive effect on me the minute I came back home. Eight days of care, support, encouragement and inspiration. Great fitness coaches led by the GREAT  Amin DABO, best Yoga, Zumba instructors in town, and the healthiest tastiest food with Kcal. I lost 3 Killograms and I gained a more fit body, a calm soul, clear mind and a new life style. I met the most inspiring ladies in Egypt and started new friendships that would last forever.

 “Thank you” is not enough ya Nada, I felt at home among friends and family, your honest and sincere way of treating us, has touched my heart and I will always be loyal to chefox and to you and most important to the new “Amira” born at Chefox.


Ouchy Mohy El Din:

“Being part of September 2015 camp, gave me the exact push needed to proceed with the healthy balanced life style.
Chefox Team I’m more than grateful for all of your efforts 🙂
Kcal, total transformation for the healthy food concept, now I know that a healthy meal can be as tempting as any other
Dabo, the best fitness trainer anyone can ever work with, thanks to him I have a total new perspective to work-out
Nada Taalab, the greatest motivational spirit, goal oriented role model. I love how positive you are

Now I have my support system to give me the encouragement and empowerment whenever I need

Good Luck to all chefoxeyin 🙂 



Rania Elshammaa: 

“Having such experience ! testing your own body ability is something worth to know but not easy to find. In chefox camp September 2015 not only I figure out my body problems but also how to deal with it. Plus the nice hospitality of the Fox family 😉. The elegant and light place that you like to sit in. All that had been run in a very amicably and proficiently way. Keep on over and over. Looking forward to come back again”



Eman El Shafei:

“What will someone need more than focusing on himself in a relaxing, peaceful place where u can escape the capital’s stress & enjoy the green view, Doing sports with amazing, motivated, well-known trainers, Eating very delicious, healthy food, Excellent care from a whole friendly team & Feeling the positive energy that surrounds u everywhere…

What a fantastic Day-Use…!!! I would recommend CHEFOX to EVERYONE. CHEFOX… is a “STYLE DE VIE”

Really “MERCI” for this amazing effort.”



Hadia Hossny El Said:

“Great experience with Chefox Day-Use. I loved everything about it especially the Cardio dance with Dabo and the fitness challenge.

Chefox is a holistic approach, whether you are a beginner or an athlete you will be challenged.”

What-People-Think_Hadia (1)


Lina Naaman:

“I had the chance 2 b part of Chefox 8 Days Camp, it was a complete great experience from the spirit to the place, the atmosphere and the team… The positive vibes they create within u, for me it was a whole new start from zero fitness to a healthier person today (Workout & lifestyle became a must in my day) 

Chefox team has shown nthg. but care & support throughout my stay at the camp.

It left me speechless how the team was keen on maintaining the family spirit and all the positive vibes even at times when we were all exhausted & effortless.

i am grateful to have encountered such a great team thank u Master Nada, Master Chef Yasmine & The one and only Dabo.

Congratulations to a work, Well done ! =)))”



Omar Allam:

“It’s all about taking the decision to start your own path to being fit or losing weight. Chefox will certainly help a lot of people take their decision to healthy lifestyle when they experience on a daily basis how simple the decision is.”

What-People-Think_Omar 2

Yehya zaky:

“Great job, spending the hole day at chefox absolutely captured the fun we had that day. It was such a great time. Keep it up and wish you the best.”

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Dina Adel:

“A unique experience not like anything i’ve tried before, a blend of exercises to fit all ages and different fitness levels, the serenity and peacefulness of the place is the secret of it’s uniqueness, and of course the spirit of each and everyone working there is the most motivating factor. i was really inspired by this experience!!”      

What People Think-34  

Maha Nosseir:

“It was a dream to have such nice day program in Egypt, many types of sports and dancing classes.

The place lets us forget any thoughts and live the world of relaxation.

Thx for the healthy food. It was delicious. 

Nice organization and managing.”

What People Think-32

Salma Ahmed S.:

“I really enjoyed my day use at Chefox! Once you’re there , you will just find mix of positives vibes such as workout fun with delicious healthy food with friendly welcoming people , motivating coaches in a clean nice place !!! You will just smile & feel happy! Chefox = good mood, thanks for the lovely healthy day!!!”

What People Think-31

Nihal El Masry:

“Chefox Team
Heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care Dabo, Yasmine Youssef, Maggie Balbaa, Sarah Yassin, Amany Taher, Magdy & A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO NADA TAALAB
كل أحترامئئ و ئتقديري لمجهودك و رعايتك لنا
تشجيعك المستمر كان الحافز للأستمرار و تحقيق النجاح
فحقا أنها تجربة فريدة من نوعها لأى شخص قرربداىة حياة صحية متوازنة
The Journey Begins”

Azza Hassanein:

“I spent a week at CHEFOX it was an extremely interesting stay. For those who want to change their lifestyle and not just follow a diet, do not hesitate to make the decision to join the great team that brings together great people .
“GO” is the point of boot to a healthier lifestyle.
I had health problems, NOW I stopped the medication, I workout, I feel sleazy much more motivated than before, I breathe, taking better balanced meals.

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