Together we are revolutionizing modern physiotherapy via a strong commitment to provide top notch therapeutic services with highly qualified doctors in manual therapy, alternative therapeutic modalities, & the most recent medical strategies that work together to achieve the best results.

We prepare you to face the daily physical challenges at the camp with a pain-free & fully functional healthy body. We resolve pain, prevent injuries, & optimize performance.

We aim to restore your body balance so you can enjoy a pain-free experience & rise to your full potential at the camp.

EGC is honored to provide the best service with highly qualified doctors in manual therapy and alternative therapeutic modalities among the most recent medical strategies that work together to achieve the best results preparing you to face daily challenges of physical activity with the pain free fully functional healthy body that you deserve.

Resolve pain, prevent injuries, and optimize performance. Restoring your bodily balance so you can live pain-free and rising to your full potential are our ultimate goals.


At Chefox Camp, we’ve all been there… That unbelievable soreness & pain we feel in our joints & muscles after a workout that makes us rethink getting fit, lose motivation, & want to abandon exercise altogether. The unpleasant pains & aches that come from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can hinder our efforts to get back to our daily activities.

Well, we have the answer for you: Chefox’s on-camp restorative massages - as the benefits of getting post-workouts restorative massages are immensely beneficial, from reducing soreness & stress to increasing blood flow & energy levels, mid-week restorative massages are a must!

Many things start to happen to your body after working out, & how your body recovers from this is dependent on the level of fitness you are at. After a workout, your body starts going back to its recovery mode as soon as possible, because your body is in a state of shock after a workout as your muscles have created microtears.

However, the more you push to increase the boundaries of your fitness, the more your body gets used to it & is able to better handle the changes allowing your body to rebuild itself over time. To help recover quicker we invest in deep restorative post-workout massages!


Heat therapies have been associated with health & wellness for thousands of years, fortunately enough now the remedial effects of saunas have made them a common feature in top wellness & sporting facilities.

Here at Chefox Camp, the health benefits of sauna are extensive & accessible. Whilst those with an existing heart condition should always consult their health professional before hitting the sauna, for the average healthy individual, saunas offer a wealth of health benefits & are an excellent recovery tool after exercise.


It’s been a long, hard day & soaking in the jacuzzi may be just the therapy you need to unwind & escape.

Aside from helping you relax, it turns out that spending time in a jacuzzi may provide other benefits too, one of the benefits of jacuzzis is hydrotherapy, the use of water to maintain health, is a natural way to treat a wide array of physical & mental health concerns, & there’s no better way to enjoy hydrotherapy than in a spa with jet massage.

The combination of warm water & massage offers a host of health benefits. However, it should be stated that Jacuzzis might not be safe for some people, including pregnant women & those with heart disease.