At Chefox, nutrition programs focus primarily on changing your daily eating habits through workshops that increase your awareness of clean eating and nutrition sessions that include healthy cooking classes, a set and delicious menu that rebalances your energy then provide your body with the essential fibers and carbohydrates that ensure you feel fuller for longer.

Chefox’s chefs prepare each and every meal specifically for you according to the latest healthy nutrition standards and weight loss system to maximize your results. These programs are all you need to maintain your new healthy habits after leaving the camp.


On a simple mission; make outstanding service and healthy, wholesome, fast, tasty food – freshly cooked on site. We have an extensive menu, inspired by firm favorites from throughout the world.

Chefox is an innovative food and lifestyle company, dedicated to changing the fast food industry as we know it and bringing the world optimal wellness through good, wholesome and healthy food.

It is all about taking charge of your health and wellness, without compromise on choice, ease, speed and convenience. By making small, sustainable lifestyle changes, we can look great and feel great.


Each meal is prepared for you and fits into a complete weight loss system uniquely designed to give you maximum results.

Altogether, it’s nutritious and delicious weight loss that works. We pack our foods with good carbs and fiber that help you feel fuller longer so you can stick with your bespoke plan and lose the weight.

At Chefox, we don’t serve one leaf of grass for dinner, the foods you love are not off limits, so you can kiss cravings goodbye and enjoy delicious meals and snacks often throughout the day to help keep your body burning game strong.


Your stay at Chefox will be a good kick start so we want you to maintain the same healthy habits and turn them into a lifestyle.

It is important to get all the right basics and essentials nutrients to go further in your fitness plan as well as to defeat the stress of everyday busy life.

Our dietitian will introduce you to the basics of a good diet as the following topics will be covered:

  • How and what to eat to boost energy levels and blood sugar balance
  • The essential nutrients and the impact of food on your body
  • Practical advice on time-saving meals and easy snacks
  • Smart shopping
  • Eating out


good diet

Your stay at Chefox Camp is a gateway to help you continue with the same healthy lifestyle and make it a permanent habit after the camp. Therefore, it’s important to understand all the basics and essential nutrients to amp up your fitness plan when everyday life gets in the way.

Fat loss is a journey of lifestyle adjustment. Nutrition is not the only yet it’s a major factor in that journey! And when it comes to nutrition you have to harmonize between these three: balance, variety, & consistency... and that's exactly what we do for you & prepare you to do for yourself afterwards.



Food groups; Macronutrients

What are they? Why do we need them? Their sources and portions

Food Labels
& Nutrition Facts

How to read nutrition facts? Marketing traps on supermarket products

ABCs of a
heart-healthy kitchen

Rules to a healthier grocery shopping trip, Healthier food substitutes


How to calculate caloric intake, Common faults when calorie-counting

Build a balanced
plate eating out

Estimate methods,
Ordering rules
& substitutes.