Welcome to Chefox. You have entered a zero distraction zone with no commitments to anyone but yourself. Chefox is the first women-only fitness hotel with a mindfulness-based healthy living program, spa-like environment, scrumptious food and fun fitness classes. Chefox is all about your mind-body wellness and utmost self-care. You are beautiful, reclaim what’s already yours.



You have entered a zero distraction zone with no commitments to anyone but yourself.



Whatever fitness plan you're looking for, we have it. Our services welcome all kinds of aspirers, from bridal body makeovers, mixed military boot camp for fitness fanatics, luxurious retreats, corporate events and group customized camps to junior programs. Tomorrow never comes, start today.




Chefox is the first ladies-only fitness camp in Egypt, with a mindfulness-based healthy living program.

It takes you on a journey of transformation towards becoming the best version of yourself and a mindful-eating connoisseur.

It all is through providing you with practical guidelines to establish healthy life habits.

Whether you’re looking to rid yourself of a couple of pounds or you want to totally overhaul your health, Chefox is the answer.


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The champions who lived the experience. Listen to what they have to say.

  • Naela Khalil

    Loved every moment of staying at Chefox! Trainers & classes are amazing. Not only do they organize your day, your meals and your sleep schedule but they also help you implement what you learned outside of camp. Thank you to the beautiful managers Nada, Heba & Farida for their unlimited support, you guys were truly the cherry on top.

    Naela Khalil
  • Yasmeen Reda

    One of my new year's resolutions was to lead a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. I knew I have wanted to do that along time ago, but it is never sustainable.. since it is my both lifestyle and mindset that needs to be adjusted..

    I needed a place to show me that it is possible, to challenge my limits and show me my own untapped strength.. Luckily, I came across Chefox. Weight loss wasn't my main target, learning how to sustain it and develop the right mindset towards my body and my health was. And I couldn't be more fortunate!

    The experience was life-changing, it has only been two days since I left the camp, and the amount of knowledge I have learned and am trying to implement is still overwhelming me.

    Yasmeen Reda
  • Rannia Moustafa Elsayed

    Chefox was a life changing experience for me. For years i have struggled with weight loss and it always took me weeks of dieting to start noticing a change in my physique. At Chefox however I witnessed significant results in less than 2 weeks! Not only was the program effective, Nada and the team spared no effort to make sure we were well taken care of and surrounded by positive energy. As for the food, it was absolutely amazing! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that healthy low calorie food would taste so good! Chefox changed the way I viewed my lifestyle and helped me reach way beyond my limits! Hats off to Nada and the team and thank you all so much!!

    Rannia Moustafa Elsayed
  • Mayar Al Shafei

    I was so lucky to have the opportunity to be one of Chefox family! I had one of the best time there & this is not by luck, but because these people have true passion & love for what they are doing there is a deep desire to really make a difference lend a hand to those who need it! There is really a remarkable effort done out there & you will definitely not regret going because not only they have passion for what they do, but also they are very organized I guarantee you to get the MOST DELICIOUS FOOD EVER.

    Mayar Al Shafei
  • Menna Banani

    Chefox provided me with a truly amazing experience, in a matter of days strangers became family as we trained, ate and spent every moment together. Not only is it an amazing weight-loss experience but it truly puts a lifelong healthy plan into perspective and pushes you towards a healthier self. Will hopefully be back at the camp in now time. Thank you Chefox Team!

    Menna Banani
  • Mona El MarQaby

    One of the best thungs I've done for myself in a long time. Trainers are awesome and absolutely there to help you reach your goals. Lots of work but very enjoyable experience and worth it!

    The schedule of activities was a good mixture that kept the workouts challenging and interesting. The staff was knowledgeable, supportive and sensitive to everyone's needs ad limitations. The location was great. Food was delicious and tasty. Thanks Chef Ahmed. I believe everyone learned a lot from the various workshops on nutrition, food choices, exercise, etc. It was time well spent.

    Special thanks to the Founder of Chefox Nada Taalab and ti the amazing 2 Camp managers ever Heba & Farida during my time at the camp. Thank you Chefox team and see u soon.

    Mona El MarQaby
  • Nevine

    I have been to weight loss camps in America, Thailand, Czeck & Srilanka by far Chefox was most effective & the family feeling and support truely make it stand out.



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