Get ready to sweat it out. Our fitness activities are where all the fun and hard-work happen. Backed by the most professional coaches in town and surrounded by like-willed people who are ready to give it all up for their goals. From cardio to weight lifting, you won’t miss a thing.


Our full-fledged nutrition system is a strategic and wholesome program planned to help you lose weight, improve overall health, boost energy and stimulate your brain in a trip of re-engaging both your senses and sense of precious self.

It covers:

  • Five delicious calorie-controlled meals prepared daily at our kitchen by premium chefs.
  • Nutrition workshops that raise your awareness and build the skills you need to.
  • change your life, take better care of yourself and reach and keep the fitness level you want.
  • Cooking classes that give you hands on experience to improve your culinary.
  • Knowledge and teach you how to curb your appetite with healthy and tasty meals.


Physical transformation is the second aspect of fitness, the first one is mental transformation.

Therefore, accompanied by your assigned coach, a comprehensive and tailored lifestyle orientation program is developed to highlight your emotional roadblocks that hinder long-terms success then create a fitness plan based on your individual experience because no one size fits all perfect exercise or diet, our fitness plans come in myriad kinds to satisfy every weight-loss warrior's unique needs and proclivities.


‘Work hard and rest hard.’ This is our motto. After a day of overcoming fears and awakening muscles, Chefox knows how to pamper and motivate you for the next day. Your fighting body needs loving and tenderness and we know exactly how to make make up for a tough day.


For a chosen period of time, we are closer to you than your family. So, we consider ourselves your second one.

At Chefox, regardless of age, background or fitness level, we are all connected, to each other and making your dreams come true in a home-like setting that keeps your spirits up and is there for you when they’re down. At Chefox, every step of your experience is unique and we honor it.