1- How much weight can I expect to lose?

The amount of weight you lose depends on a number of factors including your age, activity level, amount of exercise, medical conditions and starting weight. Most Chefox Female customers lose anything from 2 to 5.1 kilos per week and our Male customers from 3.5 to 7 kilos per week.
Ultimately, your results depend on YOU and your commitment. We’re serious about helping you. How serious are you about helping yourself?


2- How many people are on the CHEFOX weight loss and fitness camp?

We have a maximum of 17 guests. The main group is then split into 3 groups based on fitness levels. You will then be given your own personal mentor who is there to guide and support you through the program achieving optimum results.


3- Where is Chefox Venue?

East Dream Farms, Villa 19, Abo Ghaleb St. off Cairo/Alex desert road, 28 km from Cairo/Alex toll station. Directions


4- What type of programs do you run?

We are running

• 22 Days/ 21 Nights all stay-in

• 15 Days/ 14 Nights all stay-in
• 8 Days/7 Nights all stay-in
• 2 weeks mix between residential concept during weekends + Meals Delivery and daily workout in-town during weekdays
• Healthy Day-Use
• Junior Camps

• Corporate Events


5- Can i join with my little kid?

Unfortunately Nope. We want you to focus on your own self and health.


6- Need to know more about CHEFOX trainers & crew?

Chefox has been very fortunate to maintain loyal and dedicated staff, a feeling of family permeates the working environment. Our chef & dietitian, instructors, camp Staff understand that it is the quality and sincerity of their efforts that will ultimately make your stay the most special experience you can have. Check Chefox’s team


7- What Topics will be covered in the Nutrition Workshops?

Your week at Chefox will be a good kick start so we want you to continue with the same healthy lifestyle and make it a permanent habit in your life when you get home. It is important to get all the right basics and essentials nutrients to go further in your fitness plan as well as to defeat the stress of everyday busy life.

Nutrition workshops will cover the following topics:
• How and what to eat to boost energy levels and blood sugar balance
• The essential nutrients and the impact of food on your body
• Practical advice on time saving meals and easy snacks
• Smart shopping
• Eating out


8- Will you ban us from all the food we love?

On the contrary ! We will introduce a various dishes – freshly cooked on site – from international cuisines through several menus.
Serving you modified versions of your favorite dishes, so you’ll not miss a thing. Check our Sample menu


9- Tell me in brief the benefits i will get from joining Chefox camp?

a) Our programs will concentrate on changing your approach to exercise and nutrition through a fun and educational Life Changing process.
b) Chefox will help you rekindle your enthusiasm for everyday exercise and good nutrition so they are no longer a chore but become enjoyable and rewarding areas in your life.
c) There are many workshops during the week covering nutrition, cookery, exercise and behavior therapy. The workshops will not only educate you on healthy living but they will increase your confidence and improve your general wellbeing.
d) The reason for this is that on the residential week we work intensely on changing your old bad habits into new good habits which entails a complete overhaul of your mental and physical condition. When you go back to your home environment we then support you through our after care program where your home progress is supported by Chefox. The mixture of following a residential program backed up by a detailed home program creates long term sustainable health and weight loss.


10- I am very unfit and worried that I may not be able to keep up with the group. Will the course be adapted to my fitness level?

Yes. Once you have completed the health and fitness assessment with your mentor you will be devised an exercise program that is suitable for your standard. The mentor will assess you as you go through the program and will lower or raise the standard as you progress through the program.


11- I have a medical condition and there will be some exercises I cannot do. Can you adapt the program?

Yes we can take on nearly all different types of medical conditions. The health professionals will always give safe and effective alternatives so your exercise program remains balanced.


12- I exercise on a regular basis and would like to know if the exercise program will be challenging?

Yes we split into small groups and you will be working out with people of a similar fitness level to yourself. The Chefox personal trainers will complete the exercises with you so as long as you are not as fit as them you will be challenged for the whole duration of the program


13- What results will I achieve?

Chefox guarantees that you lose weight, tone your body, drop body fat, increase your fitness level and gain a more positive attitude towards food and exercise. You will then go home to a post course support program and carry on progressing.

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