Chefox is the first women’s-only fitness camp in Egypt, with mindfulness-based healthy living program that takes you on a journey of transformation towards becoming the best version of yourself and a mindful-eating connoisseur through providing you with practical guidelines to establish healthy life habits.

Whether you’re looking to rid yourself of a couple pounds or you want to totally overhaul your health, Chefox is the answer. Being a woman is a full time job. Pack up and take back control of your life.


At Chefox, no two experiences at this space are alike. We, along with out expert-led fitness programs backed by top-notch dietitians, trainers, chefs and physicians.

They are all committed to pour their hearts and souls into materializing practical tips and strategies to not only learn how to lose the weight and keep it off for good but also sow the seeds of change in your daily lifestyle after the camp.

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Nada Says―
Tomorrow is our safety net, we say we will eat healthier, go to the gym and change our lives tomorrow, yet tomorrow never comes. You will always be tired with a ready excuse at hand, all that you need is just a little push and a will to endure. Break out of the habit and become who you really are.


CHEFOX’s Rehabilitation Concept is powered BY EGC

EGC is revolutionizing modern physiotherapy.

EGC is honored to provide the best service with highly qualified doctors in manual therapy and alternative therapeutic modalities among the most recent medical strategies that work together to achieve the best results preparing you to face daily challenges of physical activity with the pain free fully functional healthy body that you deserve.

Resolve pain, prevent injuries, and optimize performance. Restoring your bodily balance so you can live pain-free and rising to your full potential are our ultimate goals.



Nada Taalab, Chefox’s owner and founder, was an ex-swimmer in the Egyptian National team, but after a serious injury, she gained weight. Unable to swim in the water, she swam against the current of thinking that she was a victim to her circumstances.

Instead, like a true champion, she decided to write a new chapter in her story by not only helping herself but also others who need similar encouragement.