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Chefox has been very fortunate to maintain loyal and dedicated staff, a feeling of family permeates the working environment. Our Chef, instructors, camp Staff understand that it is the quality and sincerity of their efforts that will ultimately make your stay the most special experience you can have.


Meet the team, chefox-02Nada Taalab

Nada is the Chefox owner and founder, she is a 4 years experienced Life Coach with a real passion for facilitating positive behavioral changes in the people she works with. Her approach is one that allows each individual to identify their own goals and choose the approach to aid their development, rather than being directive. Nada will support you in becoming aware of, and making changes to, any negative habits you may have developed in relation to your health and well-being.
Meet the team, chefox-04Dabo

Dabo has been working in the weight loss and fitness field for over 15 years. He is a multi qualified personal trainer well known in the industry for creating safe and effective programs. Dabo is a keen outdoor pursuits sports man, he was a sprinter in the track and field sport from 1989 till 2006, a professional player in the national junior and senior team from 1993 till 2006. He has a great sense of humour, very approachable and is an outstanding results driven mentor. His mission is to help you reach your goal, and make a noticeable influence in your daily habits.
Dabo’s Fitness programs is for everyone, all ages and abilities. His class participants know they will get sweaty and have a laugh but they also know they will get the results they aim after via a perfect blend of fitness!
Meet the team, chefox-04Rana Arafa

Born 1981 in kuwait graduated from K.E.S a British school in kuwait moved to EGYPT after high school to get graduated from MASS COM in Cairo university & since then have been working in media, worked in many channels such as Rotana Music, OTV, sada el balad & now on TEN TV.
Along her journey in media she found an enormous passion in fitness & nutrition in 2011 Rana & her husband opened a small fitness studio called BODY VIBE She got certified as a fitness instructor & realized that being fit means eating well and from there she didn't stop learning about nutrition & health in general, she attended many workshops & got certified from different academy's such as sports nutrition specialist from ISSA, holistic nutrition therapist for natural school of London, stress nutrition therapist from natural school of London & weight/wellness instructor from DSW academy.
Now they have opened their second fitness institute called VIBE where she works as a nutritionist while being on TV everyday through a program called 3ASAL ABYAD where she Deliver all about physical & mental wellbeing.
Meet the team, chefox-03Amany Taher

Amany is the fitness instructor lesmills Body Combat international presenter, lesmills Bodyattack instructor, TRX certified instructor, international certified personal trainer with a 4 years of experience. She has a great eye for technique and is eager to pass on her knowledge and enthusiasm. Amany's classes are vibrant and uplifting yet ultimately deeply challenging, covering all age groups and levels (and all body shapes and sizes!)
Maggie_Balbaa copy copyMaggie Balbaa

At the age of 3 years, Maggie started her sports journey with the traditional mix of Ballet and Tennis. She then took a tour throughout the years into other different sports till she landed on basketball and stayed there for all her school years. It is there where her love for group sports and group activities grew strong. That is why aerobics classes of all kinds was her next stop. Maggie works as a coach, an energy healer and a trainer and has become a Zumba instructor since April 2014. Her passion for Zumba comes from that combination of great music, amazing exchange of energy, and Fitness work. She loves to see everybody sweating like crazy to the fun beats, so get ready!
Sarah MoenesSarah Moenes

Since she was a kid, Sarah had that infinite passion for sports. She played almost all kind of sports till her heart was captured by “water ballet”. A sport that she started at a very young age and kept going for more than a dozen years. This is how she learned routines creation and understanding rhythms. Alongside her work in a multinational company. Sarah is a certified Zumba instructor since January 2014. The beautiful Latin and universal rhythms of Zumba, and her musical ears blend into unique routines that give her class that party spirit. You wouldn’t want to miss it!!
hibbah3-e1452701307482Hibbah EL Sayad

Hibbah is a certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (INN) the Worlds largest nutrition school. She is an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation specialized in Life and Spiritual coaching. She is a Certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor, having completed her 200-hour TT at Ohra Yoga & Wellness (NY). Her mission is to assist and empower people to establish healthier lifestyles through examining their wellness story and developing new ones that better suit their goals & aspirations of today. Wellness integrates the mind, body & spirit and her slogan is
“The Best Project you’ll ever work on is …YOU”.
Meet the team, chefox_More-02Yehya Zaky

Dr.Yehya Zaky earned his medical degree from MUST University, got his masters from Ain Shams University and The Medical Royal College of Surgeons of London.

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